• Zero Shock Technology reduces the strain on the dog and owner!
  • Zero Shock Leash 48 - Blaze Orange
  • Zero Shock 48 - Purple
  • Zero Shock Leash 48 - Black
  • Zero Shock Leash 25 - Candy
  • Zero Shock Leash 48 - Blue
  • Traffic Control Handle for Close Control
  • Zero Shock 25 - Bubble Gum
  • Zero Shock Leash 25 - Blue
  • Zero Shock 48 - Chocolate
  • Traffic Control
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  • Zero Shock 25 - Purple
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Zero Shock Leash

5 Stars 24 product reviews
Shock Absorbing Technology
Soft Touch Webbing
Traffic Control Handle
Heavy Duty Snap Clip 


The Next Generation of Shock Absorbing Dog Leashes

This is definitely an innovation worth shouting about - A high-spec, shock-absorbing webbing dog leash that actually works! We have meticulously designed a highly sprung bungee system that effectively absorbs any sudden shocks made by your dog. Furthermore, it is soft, durable and will not wear over time.  The Zero Shock Leashes combine the ultimate comfort, control and protection, while not compromising on style and quality!

Zero Shock™ Technology

Zero Shock™ Technology is the advanced shock absorbing component in the centre of the leash that cushions and eases the pressure for both the owner and the dog.

Super Soft!

Our own proprietary blend of super soft, double density nylon makes this 180mm leash a pleasure to hold and outrageously strong. We then finish it out with reflective trim for night time safety and an additional neoprene lining in the handle.

Traffic Control

This extra handle is positioned near your dog’s collar giving you quick and secure control of your dog when required (only available on the 48” version)


  • 'Zero Shock' Technology to protect against sudden jolts 
  • Utilises a Soft Neoprene Lined Loop Handle
  • Made from our Proprietary Soft Touch™ Webbing
  • Accessory D-Ring
  • 'Traffic Control' handle located at the end of the leash for when you need close control of your dog*


How to use a Shock-Absorbing Dog Leash - EzyDog Zero Shock Dog Leash (01:00)
Watch our How to use a Shock-Absorbing Dog Leash - EzyDog Zero Shock Dog Leash video for tips on how to properly use your dog's Shock-Absorbing Dog Leash. The EzyDog Zero Shock Dog Leash uses Zero Shock Technology as the advanced shock absorbing component in the center of the leash to cushion and ease the pressure for both the owner and the dog. More Product Information... UNITED STATES: http://store.ezydog.com/zero-shock-leash/ AUSTRALIA: http://www.ezydog.com.au/zero-shock-leash/ UNITED KINGDOM: http://www.ezydog.co.uk/zero-shock-leash/ ASIA PACIFIC / EUROPE: http://ezydog.com/
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Product Reviews

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15th Aug 2015

"Pulled a tough Doberman without much effort. I am trying to work out what they included with the purchase. It was delivered the next day in Sydney early morning. Fantastic

"dee "

28th Jul 2015
*the* leash for pullers!

"I use the 48” zero shock leash and it is the BEST leash ever. I have a nearly 5 year-old shih tzu-maltese who is a puller/lunge and bark at cars and large dogs kinda dog. I have the long one because she’s closer to the ground and I have her walk ahead of me so I can see what she’s doing. If you have a bigger dog, the smaller leash is probably better. I think if she'd had this leash as a pup she wouldn't be much of a puller now. I think the leash has helped though. She still pulls but I feel I don’t have to pull so hard to get her where’s she’s supposed to be. And with the chest plate I don’t think it jars her as much because I only have to give the leash a tug. I don’t use the traffic control so I can’t comment on that. Probably useful if you have a big dog. I wrap the leash around my hand once so the shock absorbing part is in my fingers and I have better control when she’s naughty. I have been using this leash for over a year and it is still in perfect condition. I only bought a new harness and leash this week because I wanted the new bubblegum color :) I agree with the other comment here about more solid colors. I would love a plain pastel pink range or fushia or rainbow or aqua green. But any plain PINK option ... I'd buy another set :)"


20th May 2015
Great Product

"I have a 7 year old border collie who likes to suddenly lunge or pull me on walks. This product took all the tension away and no ripped out arms. Love the traffic control feature which come in handy at the Million Paws Walk a doggy event which allowed me to have close control of him in a big crowd.
This lead is awesome. its so comfy and i'm really happy with it. "

"Lily's Grandma"

19th Jan 2015
Makes walking the dog a pleasure

"My 7 month old pugalier loves nothing better than to launch himself at cars as they pass by .Do not have to battle with him anymore as the Zero Shock leash has just the right amount of give in it to pull him back as required he does not launch much at all now as he has learnt if he pulls or launches the leash kicks in and pulls him back I love it thanks EZYDOG"


11th Jul 2014
Great quality and design

"This leash is perfect for my boisterous 2 year old Golden Retriever, this product makes our walks even more enjoyable."


18th Apr 2014
Great Leash

"I love this leash an d it is perfect for our bouncy full of energy puppy. It would be great if a longer version was available and more bright solid colours green, purple and pink would be lovely."


11th Dec 2013
Oh the relief!

"Wow what a difference it is to walk my digs without the massive tug from either! So love this product works well on both dogs we have a Malemute Husky & a Staffy X Pity and both are so much more easier and a pleasure to walk. We use this leash combined with the checkmate collar's we brought for them. I had major surgery 8 yrs ago to my Ulna bone on my forearm, I couldn't walk either dog without it straining on my arm now this completely eliminates all that stress sooo very happy to be back and enjoy taking either one on a walk with my partner love it! Thank you very much for having such a great product available Ezidog"


6th Aug 2013
Perfect Leash

"Great for my 'happy wanderers' who love to savour sights and smells on their outings to the detriment of my poor arms. Great shock absorption and so very comfortable in your hand. Also very swish looking as a bonus"


29th Jul 2013
great product

"very happy with the zero shock leash, my energetic staffy is so much easier to handle and so much more comfortable to walk,no more jerking,very happy"

"Steph Traeger"

23rd Jul 2013
I love it!

"I have a 9 month old Border Collie male who always gallops when he gets overstimulated while walking. I used to have to keep a keen eye on his rear end, and tug on the lead when he broke into a gallop, but the Zero Shock Leash acts like a shock absorber, and each time little Charlie gallops, he gets nowhere. The Zero Shock Lead absorbs the energy of the first gallop, and then transmits it back into the dog as both feet leave the ground, giving the appearance of the dog's rear-end just bouncing up and down, they actually slow down by breaking into a gallop! Of course this doesn't apply to gallops on the end of a taught lead, just that initial gallop from walking/trotting. It definitely makes for a super smooth walk, ironing out all the undulations and taking the sharp edge of jerks of the lead. I love it!"

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