The Dog Harness, Frequently Asked Questions

7th Mar 2022

Why use a dog Harness?

A quality harness from EzyDog is easy to fit, can give you more control over your dog and lessen the strain on the neck and joints. Harnesses cam alleviate pulling on the leash, are more comfortable for the dog and safer for travelling.

Can you leave a dog harness on all the time?

A well-fitting harness can be worn by a dog all day if it is comfortable and loose enough not to scratch or irritate the dog's skin. A dog's harness should be especially removed at night, while the dog is in a crate, and when the dog is left alone.

Can a dog wear a collar and a harness?

Yes, on walks, your dog can wear a collar and a harness or only a harness. A collar is fashionable and may be used to keep your dog's identity and registration tags safe. Some of our harnesses come with ID tag holder.

Is a dog harness better than a collar?

While the collar is useful for identification and should be worn for this purpose, it is not always the best choice as a teaching tool or point of control for your dog. The collar may put a lot of strain on your dog's most sensitive and sensitive areas. A short, strong tug on the leash or the pet's frequent pulling might cause pain or even harm to these vital areas. Furthermore, your dog may be more prone to slip out of a collar and escape.

Harnesses wrap the dog's chest, shoulders, and upper back, dispersing pressure over a broader surface area then a collar and allowing you more control over your dog. It helps stop your dog from pulling and are more effective in preventing dogs from fleeing because they fit more firmly around your dog's body.

Can you use a dog harness on a cat?

A specific cat harness is generally recommended, however you know your pet best. Many styles of dog harnesses are not appropriate for cats. They aren’t built for a cats body and it may allow them to escape. However, both the EzyDog Chest Plate harness and Crosscheck harness have been successfully used on cats.

What materials are dog harnesses made from?

At Ezydog most of our harnesses are made from durable polyester, premium nylon webbing, EVA memory foam, stainless steel D-Ring and reflective piping for safety.

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