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Dog Training Equipment From EzyDog Australia.



EzyDog provides a wide range of dog training products for your next training class or for professional trainers and their clients. These products are part of a unique collection that will have you covered from treat storage to leashes, collars, even “In-Training” and “Do Not Pet” message badges to maximise your training experiences. No matter where you are at, these training products will give you the tools to begin training with confidence.

The popular choice for correction training is the Checkmate Collar.  This collar is so simple and functional that it takes the fuss out of the “martingale” style of collar.  Fit as you would a traditional collar and you are ready to train with the limited slip function to humanely train your dog.

For a training dog harness, we have the Crosscheck Harness, with its innovative girth checking feature that tightens around the dog's girth when pulling on the leash.

Looking for a front attaching Dog Harness? The X-Link Harness can be used as both a walking harness and a training harness.  

EzyDog offers numerous Training Leashes for different types of training.  All of our training leashes ensure a comfortable grip, many offer multi-functions and as always they are built with the high level of durability that you expect from EzyDog.

The Convert Harness with Side Labels is the perfect message board to let others know that your dog is “In-Training”.  The side labels are available with numerous messages. The labels are easy to interchange with Velcro and the best part is that they attach to one of the most comfortable and easy to fit harnesses available.

Dog Treat Bags have never before been so cool and easy to use.  With many styles to choose from, you can count on magnetised closures, waterproof zippers, reflective properties, plenty of treat pouch space and simple to use designs that are perfect for your lifestyle.

Finally, our one handed Command Dog Clicker can help you connect positive behaviour with a reward, all whilst keeping on hand free to dispense dog treats or give your dog a pat on the back for a job well done.         

With so many options to choose from you can find the training products that best fit you and your dog’s needs. From the seasoned trainer to a complete beginner these leashes are designed to help you get the most out of the time spent during training sessions with your dog.

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