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optimized-0421-140226-charlottereeves1-op.jpgIf you're looking for a way to keep your dog protected, warm and ready to explore especially during the winter and summer months look no further than EzyDog, the simple and affordable option for all your dog's need. Whether you're at the beach or rainforest, dog clothing and gear can be the perfect addition to keep your pooch protected.

Outfit Your Pooch With Dog Gear from EzyDog

Swimming or Trailwalking - here is what you can expect from EzyDog Clothing & Gear:

  • PROTECTION: If you live in a particularly wet, cold area, or sunny area, dog coats can be a must for your pup. A rain jacket can be essential for keeping your dog dry, which can prevent from discomfort and illness. EzyDog's all Element Jackets are built for adventure, are waterproof, warm and fit dogs of all sizes. Dog clothing can also provide UV protection, which can be a necessity on hot summer days. Dog Rashies are perfect for the active pooch, as they're intended to protect against the suns UV Rays and heat rash.
  • WARMTH: In addition to protection from the elements like rain, too-much sunshine, or snow, dog jackets and coats also provides much needed warmth on cold days. For a dog that is older, is losing fur, is feeling under the weather, or needs a little extra comfort, versatile dog clothing is the smart choice.
  • COMFORTABLE: If you and your dog are adventure seekers, then outfitting your pup might be a necessity. The Element Dog Jacket is equipped with easy-release buckles for instant adjustment, and is manufactured with reflective piping for visibility regardless of the time of day.
  • HYGIENE: If your pup has a tendency to roll in the mud or get into dirty things, dog coats can provide your dog with a buffer that will help to keep him or her clean and dry. Rather than having to wash your dog in the bath following every walk, simply remove your dog's clothing and throw it in the laundry.
  • CONTROL: Maintaining control of your dog while out and about is important. With a dog coat, a harness or collar can easily fit under the clothing of choice, such as the all-element jacket, and be accessed by simply opening up the jacket's zipper. Then, a leash can be quickly attached.

Choosing the Right Dog Gear for Your Pooch

Dog clothing can greatly enhance the quality of your dog's life, but knowing which clothing piece to go for may be difficult. When thinking about which dog gear would benefit your dog the most, consider your dog's age, size, activity level, comfort needs, and the climate you live in. In addition, you should also think about personal style, colour preferences, and purchasing a top-rated, durable, and affordable product.

EzyDog Has All The Dog Gear Options

If your dog is in need of the perfect dog clothing, don't look any further than EzyDog Australia dog clothing products. From jackets to rashies, we have what your dog needs for protection, warmth, adventure, cleanliness, control, and style. 

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