• Zero Shock Leash 48 - Orange

  • Rope Dog Leash

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    Road Runner Leash | Grey

  • V4 STANDARD - Camo

  • Soft Trainer - Bubblegum

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    Essential Leash - Grey

  • Cujo 40 Camo

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    Zero Shock LITE - Grey

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    Vario 4 LITE - Grey

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    V6 Standard - Camo

  • Handy Leash 25 - Red

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  • Soft Touch Extension - Bubblegum

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Premium Dog Leads from EzyDog Australia.



A dog lead is a direct connection between you and your pet. The second you grab the lead, your puppy is up and about, ready to go on a walk around the neighbourhood. Tug a bit on the lead during your walk, and your pooch will slow down or stop altogether, ready to wait for you to catch up. A dog lead is both a safety restraint, as well as a communication tool between you and your furry friend. 

And if you are looking for a new dog lead to use on your morning beach walks or your mountain climbs, make sure to look through the dog lead collection now available from EzyDog Australia. All of our dog leads are high quality, reliable, and easy to use, and offer protection and safety for small, medium and large dogs.

Dog Leads for all Breeds.

The next time you walk your pooch around the park, look around at all of the different dogs and their owners. You will most likely see a variety of different breeds and personalities; similarly, you will inevitably witness a host of different types of dog leads. While we cannot attest to the quality of other leashes on the market today, we can promise you that all of the dog leads we offer are crafted with high-quality materials and with the needs of you and your dog in mind. Instead of using a piece of leather or rope as a leash, or finding a nylon strap from the local store, pick a dog lead you can trust; our leads are secure, reliable and will provide you with everything that you need.

EzyDog Leads Offer Quality You Can Trust For Your Pet.

All dog leads and collars available from EzyDog are crafted carefully and with a precision intended on creating a product of only the highest quality. Our dog leads are perfect for puppies and dogs of all sizes, and offer a variety of different benefits perfect for any type of dog owner. The dog leads you can purchase today through EzyDog are:

  • ADJUSTABLE we know that one size doesn't always fit all, which is why we offer dog leashes that are adjustable to the length that you desire. 
  • COMFORTABLE A dog lead from EzyDog will stop pulling. We believe that walking your dog should be pleasant and comfortable. 
  • WATERPROOF don't let a trip to the lake leave you with a wet and mouldy leash. The dog leads we provide are waterproof and designed specifically for active pups that don't mind splashing and swimming. 
  • COLOURFUL AND STYLISH – Canine style is extremely important. As such, we designed all of our dog leads to help your puppy gather glances of envy from the other canines in the park. 
  • SHOCK ABSORBING never suffer a strained shoulder again with one of the dog leads from EzyDog. Our leads are all crafted with our patented Zero Shock Technology, which allows the leads to stretch and ease the pressure for both the owner and his or her dog.  

You will find these benefits and so much more with one of the great dog leads available through EzyDog.

Types of Dog Leads Available for You and Your Puppy.

At EzyDog, we have a variety of dog leads that will fit the needs of both you and your puppy. Whether you plan on going a run through town or a walk to the store, we have a dog lead perfect for your pup.

Which dog lead is right for you and your furry friend? At EzyDog, you can choose between the: 

  • 4345-130504-charlottereeves.jpgShock Absorbing Dog Leads, these great leads stretch and ease pressure on you and your dog, and is perfect for routine trips out of the house. These leads are made from only the highest quality materials, and is crafted to ensure ultimate control, comfort, and protection of you and your pooch;
  • Jogging Dog Leads, fit and active dog owners can rejoice with the Running Dog Leads from EzyDog. Never worry about your dog pulling you out of stride with this multifunction dog lead. These hands-free leads clip around your waist, leaving you to focus on your running with your puppy by your side. And with these leads you can feel comfortable going for a run day or night, as they come with a reflective surface to keep you safe at any time; 
  • Training Dog Leads, are you working with a brand new puppy or maybe rehabilitating and introducing boundaries to a much loved four legged friend in need of training? EzyDog training dog leads are perfect for any size dog;
  • Slip Dog Leads, if you're looking to train your dog with a slip lead, EzyDog has a selection of leashes to help your dog to be as comfortable as possible.
  • Dog Leads for Small Dogs, perfect for small dogs that are full of energy. Tough enough to withstand the day-to-day and fashionable and functional enough to go where you go. All the function of our performance leads, built for smaller dogs.
  • Double Dog Leads, do you have more than one dog to walk at a time? EzyDpg's selection of dual dog leads let you walk two dogs at once.  
  • Lead Extensionsif your dog likes a bit more space to roam on the lead, consider picking up the Zero Shock Extensions, a lead extension that adds some extra room on top of any of our other leashes.

EzyDog Has the Right Lead for You

Are you looking for a perfect lead to fit your needs? Check out the leads available from EzyDog today to provide a whole new walking experience for you and your pet. EzyDog Dog Leads are the perfect connection. EzyDog leads come in different shapes and sizes, but are all similar in that they have all been designed to be versatile, trustworthy and allow you to continue enjoying your active lifestyle with your four-legged friend! 


It all started with the Cujo - The Original Shock Absorbing Lead™ and from there we have never looked back! All our Classic leads utilise our ultra strong, durable Ski Rope and/or the pyramid handle for the ultimate in comfort and control.


Leads that utilise our Zero Shock™ Technology—an innovative shock absorbing component that drastically reduces strain and pull on the dog and the owner. 


Perfect for anyone who runs or jogs with their dog, these products are designed to help keep you and your four legged friend fit and healthy 


All our Soft Touch leads are made using our proprietary Soft Touch webbing and high grade neoprene, making walks more comfortable for both dog and walker. You have to hold these things to check out how soft they are!


There are more to these leads that first meet the eye. All our Multi Function leads are made with our proprietary blend of nylon webbing and can be easily transformed for extra versatility when out walking with your dog. 


For the Small Dogs. All our LITE leads are designed specifically for dogs under 12kgs with webbing and fittings that are smaller, but just as strong


The Training Leads have been designed to help you teach your dog basic skills whilst out walking. Making your daily walks more enjoyable for both you and your dog!  

Now Go and Play!