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Doo Bag

5 Stars 10 product reviews

The Pickup Bag Holder!


The Doo Bag conveniently attaches to any one of our leashes for quick access to any type of bag you can fit in it.

You will never be caught without a pick up bag for your pooch. Don't make him hang his head in shame, pick up after him!

EzyDog DooBag (00:41)
The DooBag is the perfect companion for your leash walks. It either clips or velcros to virtually any leash and holds your recycled grocery sacks or your rolls of bags for picking up after your dogs "business." An extra pocket holds a cell phone or other items you take with you on your journey.
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Product Reviews

"Mandi Sommerville"

19th Jul 2019
Poo bag holder

"Great product, fits well on the lead, feels secure and holds plenty of bags"


14th Mar 2017
very handy

"great addition to the lead I was always forgetting the bags now... not a problem. J"


6th Sep 2016
Easy Access

"Easy access for quick retrieval of doo doo bags. Good product and clips onto leash."

"Angela and Ziggy"

24th May 2016

"Keeps me organised, spare key, taxi money :)and a few bits and pieces, the poo bags all ready so just grab the lead and we're off. Well designed, thanks ezydog."

"Linda, Paws & Claws Dog Walking Coffs Harbour"

16th May 2016
Keeping the Streets Clean

"I have a dog walking business and I have one of the doo bags on every leash I use. Its easy to pull the bags out wrangle the dog and pick up the doo. I use it for my keys as well and a little torch for when I get caught in the dark."


29th Apr 2016

"Designed for what it's meant to "doo" excellent quality.


18th May 2015
Best doo bag!

"About to buy my 2nd bag, had the previous one for 1+ year with near daily use, and still going strong, great design, highly recommended to all."


14th Feb 2015
Best doo bag ever!!

"I am about to purchase my 2nd bag as I want one for my spare leash and can't bear the thought of losing the other one. I love the way the bags come out the bottom easily yet still stay inside the bag. This holds around 8 large tie handle bags. The velcro fasteners are really strong so can attach to anything. I love the extra clip at the side as this is where I hang the bags once they are full until I find a rubbish bin. No more carrying the bags with my hands! Also the extra little pocket is perfect to stash some dry treats in it as well."

"Karen, Gold Coast"

28th Oct 2013
Terrific little bag!

"The doo-bag is so handy...great design. It is a good size, I can squash 10 bags in it, and the bags are easy to pull out when needed. The clip is an added bonus, no more having to carry keys when I have worn clothes that have no pockets!"


16th Oct 2013

"The doo-bag attaches very easily and stays in place well (especially on my short Mongrel leash). It stores plenty of doggy bags and the elasticated opening makes it quick and easy to pull one out. The key clip is also a nice touch. No more fumbling in pockets for the right key when you get home after a long walk. No more stuffing doggy bags in my pockets and having them all fall out whenever I try to pull out my phone or keys. Highly recommended product. Wish I'd bought it sooner!"

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