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  • Handy Leash 48 - Red
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  • Handy Leash 25 - Dimensions
  • Hand Leash 25 with Zero Shock Extension
  • Hand Worn Like a Glove
  • Great for anyone who jogs with their dog
  • Handy Leash 25 Red
  • Handy Leash 25 with Soft Touch Coupler
  • Handy Leash 25 with Zero Shock Coupler
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Handy Leash

5 Stars 8 product reviews

A Hands Free Dog Leash that Fits like a Glove 

Go completely hands free with the EzyDog Handy Leash. Worn like a glove and adjusts to fit all hand sizes. 

Part of our Runner's Collection, the Handy Lead has been designed to help us all live an active life with our furry friends. Perfect when running or jogging with your dog.

We think that our dogs are the best workout buddies ever so we want to design products that make it as easy as possible to stay active with our pooches.

Available in 2 sizes:

The 48" version is a full size leash with adjustable length, shock absorbing section and secondary handle for close control of your dog in built up areas.

The 15" version is a shorter leash that you can attach to your existing dog leads, or combine with our range of extensions and couplers to create your own full size leash   

Hands-Free Dog Lead

The EzyDog Handy Leash fits around the hand for hands-free walking. Fully adjustable, the glove section opens out to fit any size hand.   

Soft Touch and Packed with Features

The hand section is made from soft neoprene (as used in wetsuits) and like any good running accessory is reflective for night time safety. The heavy duty carabiner is large enough to fit any existing leash and is load tested to 500kg for extra peace of mind. We finish the lead with an accessory D-ring - as we know you don't want your pockets full when out on a run!  


  • Adjustable in length (90cm - 120cm)
  • Shock absorbing section  
  • Worn around the hand and fits any hand size
  • Reflective trim for night walks 
  • Made from EzyDog Soft Touch™ Webbing and a neoprene lined handle
  • D-Ring for accessory attachment
  • Length: 38cm 
  • Large carabiner connection point.
  • Worn around the hand and fits any hand size
  • Reflective trim for night walks  
  • Made from EzyDog Soft Touch™ Webbing and a neoprene lined handle
  • D-Ring for accessory attachment 
  • Combine with a soft touch extension - Click Here!
  • Combine with a shock absorbing extension - Click Here!
  • Combine with a soft touch coupler for walking two dogs - Click Here!
  • Combine with a shock absorbing coupler for walking two dogs - Click Here!



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Product Reviews


31st May 2019
Great product

"Really good product. No risk of the leash slipping out of your hand, with the added bonus of the stretchy shock absorber."

"Taryn Walden"

30th Nov 2018
TOP Quality

"Extremly happy with the product, easy running for me not having to 'hold' the lead. Strong , durable with 2 very large dogs pulling on it!
Thankyou ezydog!"


27th Nov 2018
Best lead ever owned/purchased

"I purchased the ‘Handy Leash’ for a friend who is getting a new puppy early December. I already had this item and bought one for my Mum’s dog too. It is the best leash ever, especially with the shock obsorber. You never have to think about holding anything in your hand as it slides straight over and you have full control. Everyone should have this leash!"

"Lily's Owner"

28th Aug 2018
Assistance for Disability

"I have had hand surgery and an injury to the opposite shoulder. This leash is more than just "handy". It is exceptionally comfortable to use, provides a feeling of security that the leash won't slip out of my hand and reduces pressure on my wrist and shoulder. I won't go back to a loop of the leash over my wrist. This is so much more effective."


4th Feb 2017
What a God Send

"I have always loved Ezydog products and this is a favourite. I have walked with a walking stick in my left hand and a dog leash in my right for as long as I can remember. I bought this leash and for the first time in I can't remember I walked into a shop with my purse in my right hand and paid for goods feeling like a non disabled person for a first time in a very long time.
It is comfortable and doesn't feel hot to wear even in our heat. "


12th Dec 2015
Highly reccommend

"This product is amazing ! So comfortable and easy to use. I have a 66kg French mastiff - he likes to pull so my hands can get very sore holding a leash - this took away all the pain of using a regular leash handle. Would very highly recommend this to anyone - it has a multiple of uses so get on to it , you wont regret it !"


4th Feb 2015
Best item Yet

"As I am in a power wheelchair, I either have to hook my dog lead to my waist or the chair itself, as trying to hold onto a leash caused all sorts of problems. But now I can just slip the handy leash on and have control of my dog and the chair at the same time."


16th Jan 2015
Ideal for athritic hands

"I love to take my dog for a walk but find it hard to keep my hand clenched to hold onto his leash. With the Handy Leash, I just slip it over the thumb and his weight keeps it nice and tight without having to close my hand. I have found that my fingers are no where near as sore tonight after our walk. I would highly recommend it for anyone who has arthritis or any other hand injury."

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