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Leaf Bottle


Portable Dog Water Bottle

The Leaf Bottle from EzyDog is a great way to keep your pup hydrated on the go. With a volume of 600ml, there will always be enough water available for any walk

A Water Bottle for Dogs

Here at EzyDog, we want your dog to be able to accompany you on all your adventures. To do this, your dog needs access to fresh water at all times (especially in the hot summer months in Australia) Using an ordinary water bottle is not a good solution, with a lot of water wastage and the possibility of for your dog's gums to being cut on the top of the bottle. Enter the new innovation from EzyDog...The Leaf Bottle.  

How it Works

The lid of the Leaf Bottle is made from flexible, food safe silicone material. This lids can be turned inside out to create a portable trough shape, that your dog can comfortably drink from. By removing the plug, you can allow water into the trough by squeezing the bottle, even whilst your dog is still drinking. After your dog is finished drinking, you can pour the excess back into the bottle. The silicon flap can then be simply flipped back around the bottle for easy transportation.  

Health Benefits

Encouraging pets to drink more water is crucial to avoid heat stress and dehydration. Dog hydration products help eliminate the risk of your dog being caught without any access to fresh water. Another great way to encourage dogs to drink more whilst walking is making the water cold. Try adding an ice cube to the water in the bottle to give your dog the cool, refreshing hydration they deserve.    


  • Leak Proof Dog Water Bottle
  • Holds 600ml of water
  • Portable for any adventure
  • Easy to hold and carry on any dog walk       
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