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Shock Absorbing Dog Leads from EzyDog Australia.



A shock absorbing lead from EzyDog is a great way to reduce strain on shoulders and have a more comfortable walking experience. The bungee leashes absorb and sudden jolts from your dog. A shock absorbing leash from EzyDog has been tested for ultimate durability. As we designed the first ever shock absorbing dog leash, we've had plenty of time to perfect our bungees for ultimate strength and durability. Don't replace your shock absorbing leash every 6 months, buy once and buy well with EzyDog.    

What is Zero Shock?

EzyDog Zero Shock™ Technology is the innovative shock absorbing component in all our webbing-based bungee leashes that reduces sudden shock and strains on the dog and the owner.  

Features of an EzyDog Shock Absorbing Leash:

All our Shock Absorbing Dog Leashes are:

  • DURABLE Every leash has been tested to make sure the bungee won't lose it's stretch over time.
  • COMFORTABLE A shock absorbing lead from EzyDog is designed with both the comfort of dog human in mind. 
  • WATERPROOF don't let a trip to the lake leave you with a wet and mouldy leash. All EzyDog shock absorbing leashes are kitted with waterproof hardware. 
  • REFLECTIVE – All our shock absorbing leashes have reflective strands for night time safety. 

You will find these benefits and so much more with one of the great shock absorbing dog leads available through EzyDog.

Bungee Leads for all Dogs, Large and Small.

At EzyDog, we have a variety of bungee dog leads that will fit the needs of both you and your puppy.

Which bungee dog leash is right for you and your furry friend? At EzyDog, you can choose between the: 

  • Zero Shock Leash, The Zero Shock Leash is an advanced bungee leash made using nylon webbing.
  • Road Runner Leash, The Road Runner Leash is a bungee leads that can be unclipped and worn around the waist
  • Cujo Leash, The Original Shock Absorbing Dog Leash, with a handle. Perfect for large dogs.

EzyDog Has the Right Shock Absorbing Dog Lead for You

Are you looking for a perfect shock absorbing lead to fit your needs? Check out the bungee leads available from EzyDog today to provide a whole new walking experience for you and your pet. 


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All these Leashes, Extensions and Couplers use our EzyDog Zero Shock™ Technology—an innovative shock absorbing component that reduces sudden shock and strains on the dog and the owner.