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Zero Shock Coupler

5 Stars 6 product reviews

Walk Two Dogs with the Comfort of Zero Shock!

A leash coupler with shock absorbing section included

Zero Shock™ Technology

Both ends of the coupler has Zero Shock included. Zero Shock is the name we give to the advanced shock absorbing component in the centre of the extension that cushions and eases the pressure for both the dog and owner

Super Soft!

The coupler is made from our own EzyDog blend of soft touch webbing, making it both strong and comfortable to touch

Traffic Control™ Handle

Both ends have an additional handle positioned near the dog's collar giving you quick and secure control over the dogs when needed 


  • Zero Shock Technology to absorb any sudden jolts
  • Made from our proprietary Soft Touch Webbing
  • Traffic Control Handle located near end of coupler for close control of dog in built up areas


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Product Reviews

"Happy walker"

9th Jul 2018
Makes walking 2 dogs a breeze

"No longer am I being pulled in different directions by my fur children. Thanks Ezydog!"


20th Jun 2017
No tangles

"I love walking my two dogs with the zero shock coupler. One dog is twice the size of the other and it works great, the zero shock allows them to investigate without yanking the other!"

"Linda Saggus"

24th May 2016
Keeping the Pooches together

"Love this for my twinning dogs that I walk. I have a few dogs that are very close and they walk together closely so the Coupler makes walking them even easier. It doesn't tangle and is great."

"Happy Husky family in Alice Springs NT"

2nd Sep 2015
The best product ever for walking two dogs together!

"Hi, Everyone, this is the best product I have ever come across for practicality with walking two determined Husky dogs together! the dual leash coupler gives each dog their own space and if they tend to "pull" you don't feel the brunt of it! No more sore back or shoulder! the length is an absolute bonus - it leaves our home-made throw together one standing still! I also have the added security that the leads are strong and I don't have to worry about them breaking if one of our dogs sees something and decides to race me to get it! the best bonus is the quality of the product, I know I will look towards at least 5-10 years of hard wear (2 hours per day) before it even starts to show any wear! Worth the money for a brilliant product. I live in Central Australia and I can order Ezydog procucts on the net mid-morning on a Wednesday and they will arrive the following monday morning - excellent!!! thank you to whoever designed the product, you're my hero! Thank you Ezidog!"


18th May 2015
Best thing since sliced bread!

"I have previously walked two weimaraners on separate leads. The coupler keeps them closer to me and with the stretch in the coupler and the Cujo, reduces any risk of injury from the odd jerk or pull on the lead. They have taken to it really well and I'm amazed at the awareness my younger boy has of the older girl."


29th Dec 2014
I love this coupler.

"I love this coupler. Walking 2 large (naughty) dogs is so much easier now. It is so well made, I have no doubt this will give us lots of happy walks for a very long time."

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