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Introducing the FORMFIT® Active Mesh Harness

Introducing the FORMFIT® Active Mesh Harness

At EzyDog, we understand that your small dog is not just a pet but a valued member of your family. That's why we're thrilled to introduce our latest innovation tailored just for your furry friend—the FORMFIT Active Mesh Harness. This state-of-the-art harness combines functionality, style, and comfort, making it the perfect choice for pet parents who demand the best for their dogs.

Personalisation at Its Best

Every dog is unique, and their harness should be too! With the FORMFIT Active Mesh Harness, you can personalise it with your dog's name, making each piece as special as your pet. This personal touch not only adds to the aesthetic appeal but also enhances safety by making your dog easily identifiable.

Designed with Quality and Comfort in Mind

The FORMFIT Active Mesh Harness features premium quality lightweight breathable mesh that ensures your dog stays cool and comfortable, even during the most vigorous activities. The mesh is designed to be gentle on your dog's fur and skin, preventing any irritation.

Safety Comes First

Keeping your beloved dog safe during low light and nighttime walks is a priority for all pet owners. Our harness is equipped with reflective materials that enhance visibility, ensuring that your dog is always seen by drivers and pedestrians, thus preventing potential accidents.

Innovative Y-Connection System

Our unique Y-Connection System is engineered to distribute load evenly across your dog's chest and back, minimizing pressure on their body while providing optimal control for you. This feature is especially beneficial for small dogs who are prone to injuries from harnesses that tug unevenly.

Double the Strength with Double D-Rings

Durability is key when it comes to dog harnesses. The FORMFIT Active Mesh Harness includes two D-rings that double the strength and security of the attachment, giving you peace of mind that your dog is secure no matter where your adventures take you.

Ultimate Ergonomic Comfort

The comfort of your dog is paramount. That's why our harness features a comfort ergonomic fit with padded lining and soft stitch trims that provide extra cushioning and protection against rubbing, ensuring that your dog enjoys every outing, whether a quick jaunt around the block or a longer trek in nature.

Choose Your Colour

Reflect your dog's personality or your own style with our selection of six vibrant colors: Blue, Pink, Red, Black, Green, and Purple. Whether you prefer a classic look or a bright pop of color, there's a hue to match every dog's individuality.

Why Choose the FORMFIT Active Mesh Harness?

The FORMFIT Active Mesh Harness by EzyDog isn't just another dog harness—it's a commitment to enhancing the lives of small dogs through thoughtful design and innovative features. By choosing this harness, you're not only investing in your dog's comfort and safety but also in a product that reflects your care and love for your pet.

We invite all small dog owners to experience the difference with EzyDog's FORMFIT Active Mesh Harness. It's more than just a harness—it's a way to connect with your pet on every walk, every adventure, and every moment you share together.



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