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Get out and play with durable and reliable Dog Products

EzyDog Australia's mission is to provide active dogs and their owners with accessories that are comfortable, durable and reliable in the most demanding situations.

Dog products built to hit the trail running

Coming from the Surf and Watersports industry, we build our dog products with only the best innovations of sports technology. Paying special attention to control and safety, our dog leashes and harnesses provide exceptional comfort and custom fit, letting both you and your dog concentrate on what really matters—having a ball in the great outdoors!

Shock Absorbing Leash (New Colors)

EzyDog Mutley Shock Absorbing Leash

The Mutley Shock Absorbing Leash is great for jogging, training or the excitable K9 on the go!

Get the cutting edge in online pet supplies

At EzyDog Australia, we design our dog products with top quality, durable materials and innovative technologies. Check out our range of dog collars, leashes, harnesses, and accessories! Your dog deserves the best in style, safety, and comfort. EzyDog delivers all three.

What's new: dog collars, harnesses, leashes, and more!

Take a look at our latest dog products. We're constantly improving our designs, helping you hit the trails with your faithful four-legged companion. So suit up your dog with an EzyDog harness, pull on a backpack, and get out and enjoy the wide open world together!

Double Up Collar - CANDY New

EzyDog Dog Collars

Check out our new line of superior dog collars built for strength, comfort and style!

EzyDog: technology and innovation for a better dog harness

For unbeatable control, comfort, and style, look no further than EzyDog harnesses. Every EzyDog dog harness is designed with innovation in mind. We use cutting edge technology to ensure that our harnesses are durable, comfortable, and perfect for hitting the trails.

The best dog harnesses and dog accessories

We make it easy to explore the great outdoors with your dog. Choose from our popular line of harnesses and dog accessories. You can trust EzyDog's commitment to quality and performance. Each of our products is built to be the very best. Now go and play!

Featuring - Chest Plate Harnesses

EzyDog Dog Harnesses

Our line of EzyDog Chest Plate Harness give superior support for walking, sporting and traveling dogs.

Top-quality dog collars and leashes: an essential

Before you can set out for the parks and the trails, there is one thing you must have: a reliable dog leash and collar. EzyDog leashes are carefully designed to be both comfortable and durable, creating the ideal connection between you and your four-legged companion.

EzyDog leashes are the perfect fit for every adventure!

Training leashes, multi-function leashes, harnesses, collars, leash extensions and couplers – you can find them all at EzyDog. We provide a wide variety of products so that you and your dog can have the freedom to enjoy the great outdoors and all its adventures with the precise equipment you need.

Turk - Vario Multi Function Leash


This multi-function dog leash is being used on an urban trek in convenience with our red Quick-Fit dog harness.

Best design, best materials, best dog collars

EzyDog collars are guaranteed to be top-notch quality. Made with excellent materials and designed to be both sturdy and comfortable, these are collars you can rely on. So clip on a leash and take your pet to go play outdoors with the security of a strong and comfy collar.

Innovative dog collar design that is meant to last

A reliable collar for your dog is a necessity. Meant to endure through every outdoor adventure and exciting journey, EzyDog collars are tough, yet comfortable for your pooch to wear. The materials are smooth, flexible, and durable. EzyDog supplies collars in all sizes and colors, even camo dog collars!

Sunny - with the NEW Double Up Collar

Double Up Collar

With Double D-Ring strength there won’t be any strain on the easy access buckle. Reliable and strong!

Dog life jackets: it’s time to hit the beach!

Venture out onto the water with EzyDog’s dog life vests. Even if your dog is a good swimmer, play it safe with a dog life jacket. EzyDog’s jackets and vests are carefully designed to support your dog in a natural swimming position.

Technology, style, and quality in the ultimate dog life jacket

EzyDog supplies only the best in pet accessories and equipment. Our innovative dog life vests keep your pooch secure and at ease during your expeditions on the water. Like EzyDog’s dog coats, the dog life jackets come in a variety of types, colors, and sizes so you can find the perfect one for your pet!

Ralf - Dog Life Jacket (Red)

Dog Floatation Vest

Catching a wave! Our Doggy Flotation Vests offer ergonomic design and superior flotation.

Travel further, play longer, and run harder

With EzyDog’s lightweight dog backpacks, you can go for longer adventures and conquer those trails further than you ever have before. Designed to be comfortable and durable, these dog packs will allow your dog to carry a few of the supplies.

Pack for adventure with an EzyDog dog backpack

Using breathable mesh and waterproof materials, EzyDog dog packs are carefully created to be reliable and able to last through all kinds of adventure. With multiple pockets and a convenient handle, these dog packs will fit securely on your pooch to be a comfortable way to carry some necessities for travel, like leashes, toys, and collapsible dog bowls.

Summit Backpack (S - XL)

Dog Backpack - Summit

Not just any dog backpack! We built this pack around the award-winning EzyDog Chest Plate Harness!

All your dog jackets & coats available at EzyDog

When the weather outside is frightful, don’t worry. EzyDog supplies the finest dog coats available, designed specifically to keep your pet healthy and warm during your winter escapades. So go outside and play with your dog, even in the snow! Just remember to bundle up.

Dog coats for winter – so the adventures can continue

Now with EzyDog’s dog coats, you can continue to go adventuring with your four-legged friend even during the cold winter months! The fun doesn’t have to end with summer. Check out one of EzyDog’s cute and comfortable dog coats and make sure that your dog stays safe and warm this winter.

Lexi – Staying Warm

Dog Coats

Keep your pup dry and warm on those cold, wet expeditions with our stylish EzyDog dog gear.

Let the fun begin with EzyDog’s premium dog toys

With the durable dog toys that EzyDog supplies, you can get out and play long and hard with your pet without worrying about the toys coming to pieces. Let your dog run and run after a Frisbee, enjoy the sunshine and fresh air, and make memories that will last forever.

With these great dog toys, it’s always time to go and play

EzyDog supplies only top quality products because you and your dog deserve the very best. Choose from our variety of dog Frisbees and toys, in all different colors and styles, and find the perfect treat. With our fabulous dog toys, you’ll become the best friend of man’s best friend.

DogStar Flying Disc

DogStar Flying Disc Toy

Keep your dog active with our tough line of dog toys. Now Go And Play!

Collapsible dog bowls: save space and stay hydrated!

Whether you are charging up hiking trails or throwing Frisbees at the park, there is nothing more important than staying hydrated. With EzyDog’s innovative collapsible dog bowls, you can pack a dog bowl easily into your gear without it taking up too much space.

Be prepared for whatever adventures happen

We call it the Fold-A-Bowl – EzyDog’s creative and practical answer to the question of how to pack light and still be prepared for every adventure. So go out and conquer the trails! Our collapsible dog bowls are easy to stow away in a pocket of a dog backpack.

Go Anywhere – Collapsible Dog Bowls

Foldable Dog Bowl

Keep your pet hydrated and the bulk down with our collapsible Fold-A-Bowl. Available in 25 oz - 42 oz.

Comfortable, Durable, Stylish Pet Carriers

Travel in style and safety with your pet by using EzyDog’s premium pet carriers. Made for both dogs and cats, these pet carriers give you the ability to take your four-legged friend with you wherever you go.

Stay safe and sound with EzyDog’s pet transporter

EzyDog uses innovative design and reliable technology to create the ultimate pet carrier. Easy to lift and carry, it is convenient for you. And with a padded interior, it is equally comfortable for your pet. Go ahead and set off on your journey – EzyDog’s top quality carriers and other car restraints will keep your pet safe and sound.

Collapsible Pet Carrier

Pet Carrier - Transporter

With stylish design and functionality our small pet carriers are light and compress to make travel a breeze.

Dog car harnesses: freedom and safety all in one

If your dog doesn’t enjoy being in a pet carrier, give one of EzyDog’s dog seat belts a try. These ingenuously designed car harnesses allow you to roll down the windows and let your dog have fun feeling the wind in his face. You don’t have to worry because the harness will keep him safely inside the car.

Travel in style and safety with EzyDog’s dog car restraints

A reliable dog car harness keeps your pet out of danger, yet allows a little freedom to move about. Made with the best materials, EzyDog’s car harnesses combine safety and comfort so you can travel in style with your pup.

It’s The Law! – Ezy Dog Seatbelts

Car Restraint Harness

Protect your pet with just one Click! Our adjustable car restraint & dog harnesses are fully adjustable & quick!

Start training with EzyDog’s premium dog training collars

Training is where you get to bond with your new pup and teach him all he needs to know. A good quality dog training harness or training collar will make all the difference. With smooth, strong materials and comfortably fitting design, EzyDog’s training collars are the smart way to go.

Preparing to hit the trails with a dog training harness

Setting off on an expedition with your new dog is a great way to start the training and begin a relationship with man’s best friend that is sure to last. EzyDog creates the perfect dog training collars and harnesses so you can start that journey in safety and style.

Convert Harness – Custom Side Badge

Dog Harness Side Badge

Our Training Leash with a Convert Harness allows the Alpha to apply control right where it’s needed.

EzyDog – Making every adventure possible

Using cutting edge technology and top quality materials, EzyDog designs the best accessory and equipment available for dog lovers. Hit the trails with our sturdy, comfortable dog gear, travel in safety and style with our pet carriers and harnesses, and even venture through the snow and ice with our warm dog coats.

The ultimate dog harnesses and dog gear

Your pooch is sure to enjoy the comfort and durability of our dog gear, and the security a good leash, life vest, or harness brings will ease your mind as well. Set off on those adventures! EzyDog gear will keep you prepared for everything with premium accessories for your dog, and even some gear for you!


Dog Gear for Adventure

We never stop pursuing innovative design and function when it comes to fun! We just love our dogs.

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