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DogStar Flyer

5 Stars 6 product reviews

The Easy Pick-Up Dog Frisbee

  • Lands on its "feet" to allow easy pickup for the pooch
  • Neatly folds into quarters to fit in pocket.
  • It floats!

PLEASE NOTE: This is a VERY durable retrieval toy. THIS IS NOT A CHEW TOY! For supervised fetch games, you will get miles of fun out of this item.

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Product Reviews


7th Sep 2018
Best Flyer in the Market

"My German Shepherd is fan of Frisbee and Flyer discs and I spend a lot of money on that. The problem with Flyer discs is that if fall in water they are gone! Also with strong jaw of the dog they come broken after a while. When I tried this one I realized I wasted a lot of money on the flyer discs. This is great and absolutely best in the market. Moreover the support from EZYDOG is beyond your expectation and therefore you can't find anything better than this in the market with this price! "

"Allana Whitehead"

5th Sep 2018
Great design and function

"Our puppy (swiss shepherd) loves this. She can easily pick it up due to its curved shape. It's light and is withstanding her chewing on it until we can get it back from her. We have a large backyard in comparison to most suburban homes and it travels really well! I can't wait for her to be trained enough to run off lead chasing this flyer.. I have a feeling it's going to go pretty far!"


1st Oct 2016
Our Border Collies favourite!

"Our non stop 2 1/2 year old girls new favourite toy! Great for the beach or the paddock. Wish I'd found it sooner!"


25th Feb 2016
Alfie Loves it!

"First off, the flyer is very well made - looks like it will last a good long while!

2ndly, my dog Alfie loves it! He's a bugger with a ball - I haven't managed to get him to bring it to me but with this he loves to carry it and chases it harder than a ball.

Double thumbs/paws up!"


10th Oct 2013
Great Toy for the Dog

"Very happy with the dogs star flyer. It has survived a few weeks now, compared to a normal frisbee that normally lasts 15 minutes before being shredded. The dog likes it to."


3rd Nov 2012
Years of fun

"I bought this toy for my Australian cattle dog 3yrs ago. she uses it on an almost daily basis on land and in salt water. She loves it, its always the toy she grabs when she wants to play."

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