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High quality dog accessories can greatly improve the experience that you and your dog have together when you're away from home. All dog accessories from EzyDog Australia have been built with Dog and owner in mind. Premium accessories should contribute to a dog's style, comfort and safety, whilst making life a little more convenient for you as well.

Dog accessories have a number of benefits depending on the type of product purchased. Some of the biggest benefits, though, include:

  • BEING PREPARED With dog accessories like a treat bag or folding water bowl, you'll never have to worry about leaving home unprepared again. 
  • CLEANLINESS If you worry about how to keep yourself or your dog clean while on-the-go, dog accessory products from EzyDog can be easily wiped down, or washed in the dishwasher or washing machine. 
  • HEALTH Keeping your dog healthy and happy is important. With dog accessories, you'll always have things important to your dog's health like water ready when Fido needs it most. 
  • HANDS-FREE CONVENIENCE - Dog accessories that come with a shoulder strap or clip-on feature allow you to hold a leash, throw a ball, or pet your pooch without having to worry about a distracting accessory nuisance. 
  • STYLE Many dog accessories come in a variety of different colors and styles, which means that you and your pup can continue look great regardless of where you are.  
  • SAFETY - With reflective piping on our SnakPaks and the high visibility EzyDog Adventure Lights, your dog is in safe hands

Regardless of the breed of dog you have, your dog's age, your dog's size, or your dog's personality, the right dog accessories can help you and your pup have a more enjoyable time together, and will save you time and effort.

Must-have Dog Accessories from EzyDog Australia 

If you're a dog owner, here are some must-have dog accessories that you should consider purchasing from EzyDog today:

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  • DOG TREAT BAGS: If your pup is like most, then one thing's for sure: he loves dog treats! Dog treats can be an effective way to keep your dog's behavior in check, reward your dog for doing something good, keep your dog entertained, and give your dog a little treat just because. However, dog treats can also be crumbly, making a mess in your pockets, bag, or purse. The NEW SnakPak-Pro Treat Bag and original SnakPak Treat Bag, provides the perfect storage area for your dog's treat, keeping your hands free and mess-free. The bag comes in four different color options to match your style, can be easily wiped clean, and is waterproof. Priced affordable, the SnakPak treat bag is a great addition to any dog owner's life. 
  • DOG PICKUP BAGS: No matter your dog's personality, he's bound to have to go to the bathroom while out and about, be it a hike, walk, or run on the beach. The EzyDog Doo Bag provides easy access to your dog's pet waste bags, attaches perfectly to your EzyDog dog leash, allows for easy carrying do to its over-the-shoulder strap, and ensures that you never leave home without a dog clean up bag again.
  • PORTABLE WATER & FOOD BOWLS: If your dog loves to go for long walks, prefers being outside even on hot summer days, or loves to play hard, you need a Fold-a-Bowl dog bowl to keep your dog hydrated while out and about. This dog bowl is easy to clean, easy to transport, is leak proof, can be used for either food or water, folds completely flat for easy storage, and contains a clip so you can remain with your hands free while walking. Getting plenty of food and water is an essential part of keeping your dog healthy and safe a lack of water can lead to dog dehydration and overheating, which can be dangerous for your pup. Always be prepared with the Fold-a-Bowl or Roll-a-bowl travel dog bowls.

Why Buy From EzyDog Australia 

Dog accessories are a must-have for all dog owners and are a great investment, especially those that love to take their pups out frequently for walks and other adventures. If you're curious about where to get your dog accessories, look no further than the online store at EzyDog Australia. We have hundreds of different dog products, including a number of great dog accessories that will improve the way that you care for your pooch. If you are looking for dog accessories from a company you can trust, visit our online store today.

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