Introducing Nature’s #1 Choice For Your Dog’s #2. 


We love “outside” as much as our four-legged friends do. So we decided to design a poop bag that could make sustainability a walk in the park. 

Made with cutting-edge technology, Login’s strong, leak-free, sustainable alternatives to traditional plastic bags deliver your dog’s call of nature back to nature in the most natural way possible. 

Next time your dog drops a log, drop the plastics with Login. 


Saving The Planet’s A Ruff Job, But Someone’s Gotta Doo It.  


So many other brands are chasing their tails when it comes to sustainability. A plastic bag is still a plastic bag even when it’s sold in a cardboard box, but Login is sustainable to its core.

We not only engineered two state-of-the-art plastic alternatives that break down naturally and packaged them in 100% recyclable cardboard, we eliminated plastic and cardboard cores to add two extra bags to every roll. No core, just more.


When It Comes To Quality, We’re Barking Up The Right Tree.


At Login, we got our hands dirty to keep yours clean. All of our bags are as strong and durable as they are sustainable. They feature a 100% watertight seal and are ISO 9001 certified for quality. No rips, no leaks, no dirty hands. And we’re committed to ISO 14040 environmental life cycle management, too. They squat. You scoop. Earth Scores.

[The ISO is the International Organization of Standardisation. They’re an independent, international organisation that develops quality, safety, and efficiency standards for products and services around the world. ISO 9001 is one of their most well-known certifications for quality management. It recognises the best of the best in efficiency and customer satisfaction.]


Compostable - Breaks Down In 3 Months (Less Than 2 Dog Years).


Login Compostable bags are the absolute cream of the crop. Engineered with world-leading 100% compostable, polymer-based corn starch technology that breaks down completely in just 3 months, these bags are the ultimate way to minimise your pet’s carbon footprint. 

Your dog might consider his or her latest work a masterpiece, but no log should last forever. 


Login Compostable Bags Are Available In These Variations: 


Multi Packs: Shop Here

Mailer Pack (with holder): Shop Here