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Tips to keep your Dog Safe on a Road Trip

Tips to keep your Dog Safe on a Road Trip

Planning to take your whole family away this holiday period? Spend some time preparing with your pet to ensure that your trip is safe and relaxing for both of you.

Pet Id

Traveling in Australia with a dog?

Before you leave for crazy adventures don’t forget to check that your dog is micro-chipped and your contact information is up to date and on the microchip register. It is also critical to have a dog collar or harness with your dog’s name and contact information. The EzyDog harness and collar range has a variety of personalised attachments and accessories.

There are six microchip registries in Australia; ensure that the one on which you and your dog are registered is nationally recognised (and not just in your state).

Health Check

A few weeks before you go, make sure your dog is healthy enough to travel and that all of their vaccines, worming, and flea treatment are up to date. If your pet requires prescription medicine, be sure you have enough to last the holiday. It’s time to research the name of the near by vets to where you are staying in case of an emergency, such as snake or tick bites.

Travel Safety

In most places it is illegal not to have vehicle restraints for your dog, regardless it is the right thing to do. In Australia, you are required by law to ensure that your pet is safe when travelling in the car with you, so no your dog should not be sitting freely on your lap. The EzyDog Car Seat Attachment loops into the modern seat belt, this prevents driver distraction and restrains the dog to one position in the vehicle. EzyDog also has an Click Adjustable Car Seat Attachment which attaches to a dog harness and clicks into the existing seat belt of car for safety.

The EzyDog Drive Car Harness is available for purchase for the safest car travel yet. It exclusively is stronger and more robust than standard harnesses and is made purely for travel. In the case of a crash, your dog is more likely to escape unharmed if he is wearing a harness. A dog car harness protects the dog by distributing the impact force of a sudden shock on the dog's body. Because the force is distributed, the strain on a single portion of your dog's body is reduced. A dog's health might be threatened by local strain. In the case of an abrupt halt, a seat belt fastened to a collar, for example, may injure a dog's neck. The Drive Harness has been crash tested, the safest way to travel with your pooch.

How to fit a dog car harness?

Can dogs travel in the front seat?

There are no rules prohibiting a dog from travelling in the front passenger seat, but as with children please keep in mind that airbags explode with enormous power and can critically hurt or even kill a dog if it is struck by a bursting airbag.

The EzyDog Car Hammock is another great design that provides a barrier between both dog and driver, meaning driver distraction is reduced and safety is increased. The hammock design provides full coverage of the back seat, floor and central partition, meaning your car's interior remains fully covered and stops your car from being covered in dog hair and dirt.


When packing for your road trip it might be best to make a simple checklist for your dog. Some things you should consider packing are:

  • Your pet’s regular food and treats./li>
  • Crate or Bed to sleep in
  • Food and water bowls (i.e. EzyDog Roll-A-Bowl)
  • Fresh water (you can keep it in the Leaf Water Bottle for Dogs)
  • Collar, Harness and Leash
  • Poo Bags
  • Balls or dog toys
  • Towels
  • Medications & First aid kit

  • Take a break

    Remember to take lots of bathroom breaks along the way to avoid toileting accidents in the car, as well as time for off-leash exercise outside of the vehicle in a safe and secure environment. In a new, stimulating setting, even the most well-trained dog can become enthusiastic and unpredictable.

    If pulling over for a walk at night do not forgot light safety. EzyDog Collars and Harnesses come with a reflective trim for night safety.

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