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How to keep dogs warm and safe in winter

How to keep dogs warm and safe in winter

Pet owners should start thinking about their animal pets' comfort levels as they prepare for winter. If you're starting to feel cold and uneasy, your pet is probably feeling the same way. Fortunately, there are a few easy things you can do to keep your pet safe and toasty this winter.

Do dogs get cold in winter?

Although coastal Australia isn't renowned for very cold weather, when winter arrives, there are a few things you should do to keep your dog healthy and comfortable. Of course, certain dog breeds are more suited to winter weather than others, but as the temperature lowers, so does your pup's tolerance to the cold.

Winter Coats

Although many dog breeds have beautiful thick fur to keep them warm, they will most certainly benefit from an extra winter coat when they are outside or on walks in the cold. Do dogs actually need jackets in winter? Yes. This is especially crucial if your dog is underweight, elderly, or has short hair.

The EzyDog Element Jacket has a waterproof outer shell and a soft inside fleece to keep your dog dry in the rain and warm in the cold.

Alternatively EzyDog also has The Thermax Vest. It is the world's first 'skin' type dog coat. It was created as a walking vest to be worn beneath a harness/collar and provide warmth by insulating your dog's natural body heat. This unique dog jacket allows your dog to move freely while also allowing you to connect your leash to your dog without altering or removing your dog's jacket. With its lightweight design and waterproof coating, this dog coat is also effective in Spring and Autumn.

Remember, if your pet is in a warm indoor area, don't keep their coat on since they may overheat beneath all those layers!


You may notice your pet spending more time cuddled up in their bed when the temperature cools. You can guarantee that they are appropriately insulated from the cold by making a few easy changes to their bedding. For example, make sure your pet's bed is raised and away from cold, hard surfaces. For warmth and comfort, lift the bed off the ground and add an additional blanket.

Outside Dogs

How to keep outside dogs warm in winter?

If your pet spends a lot of time outside, proper shelter is critical. There is a wide selection of kennels for dogs and enclosures that provide shelter from rain, cold, and wind. Choose a location for your pet's habitat that is sheltered from the weather and warm and elevated. Fill your pet's shelter with clean, dry blankets that are laundered on a regular basis.

If you normally keep your dog outside, you may bring them inside at night to sleep somewhere warm and dry, away from chilly draughts and moisture.

How to exercise a dog in winter

The Thermax Vest adapts beautifully to the shape of the dog's body, making it the ideal dog coat for jogging, hiking, or any other strenuous dog walk. Its like Skins but for your dog. Don't allow your outdated dog coat get in the way of your pup's outside adventures. It is better to walk your dog during the hottest part of the winter day.

You may also play with your dog indoors by training, playing hide & seek, or even putting your dog on the treadmill!

To keep your dog safe in winter when there is minimal light, connect a Go2 Light to the dog's harness or collar. Built to enhance the safety of any outdoor adventure, the casing is waterproof to a depth of 1m and is visible over 500m away. The durability of the impact-resistant casing and the convenience of the USB rechargeable battery will ensure your Go2 Light never lets you down.

Majority of our EzyDog products contain reflective stitching or piping to reflect on coming light such as those coming from car headlights. Regardless of what collar your dog should still always wear a collar with an identification tag in the event they get away and need to be returned.

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