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Dog Life Jackets from EzyDog Australia.



A day trip to the lake or an Australian beach with your beloved pooch can be a wonderful way to celebrate the warm weather. But before you get in the car and go, make sure you have a dog life jacket packed to keep your puppy safe when you hit the water.

Why, exactly, do you need a life jacket for your pup? If they are already a great swimmer, is it really necessary to attach a life jacket to their frame?

Our Dog Life Jackets are a great way to teach your dog how to swim or to just gain some confidence in and around water

At EzyDog, we are dog owners ourselves, and our puppies are the centre of our lives. As such, we do everything it takes to keep our furry friends safe and happy, regardless of the circumstances. Even the best of swimmers can tire out quickly, or can become caught on weeds growing beneath the surface of the water. And it is in these moments exactly that you will be happy you picked up one of the great dog life jackets from EzyDog.  

Life Jackets You Can Trust from EzyDog

Because a life jacket has such an important task to complete, it is imperative that you get it from a reputable source that only uses the highest quality materials. A life jacket for your puppy is useless if it stops working in the water, loses buoyancy after a few trips to the lake, or if it is made out of a material that will tear quickly and easily.

To keep your puppy safe in the water, we ensure that our dog life jackets are crafted with only the highest quality materials and with careful precision. We offer two different types of dog life jackets, both of which are:

  • SUPERIOR FLOTATION these dog life jackets are not simply excellent fashion accessories. Strap one of these great dog life jackets onto the back of your pup to give him or her 50 percent more flotation in the water. 
  • REFLECTIVE don't worry if you stay out at the lake past sunset. These dog life jackets are crafted with reflective material that will keep you visible well past dark. 
  • EASY TO GRAB if you need to grab hold of your dog quickly, simply reach out and latch onto the easy-to-hold grab handle on both of these dog life jackets. This convenient handle also helps you guide your pup both into and out of the water. 
  • ADJUSTABLE do you want to find a dog life jacket that fits your pup perfectly? Both of our models have adjustable neoprene straps that will take the pressure off of your puppy and let him or her swim unencumbered in the open water.  

Don't trust your puppy's health and safety with a regular brand of dog life jacket. Instead, stick with one of the great options from EzyDog for an option that will keep your puppy safe and secure in the water.

Which EzyDog Dog Life Vest is Right for Your Pet?

The EzyDog dog life jackets come in two different models, both of which offer specific benefits that will help keep your puppy safe. Depending on your needs as a dog owner, one of our dog life jackets may be a better choice for you. The following is a description of the two models of dog life jackets we offer at EzyDog.

  • DFD (Doggy Flotation Device) for virtually endless fun in the water, stick with the traditional Doggy Flotation Vest from EzyDog. Large- and medium-breed dogs will fit securely in one of these dog flotation devices, allowing them to swim around the lake with ease. Guide your pooch in and out of the water with the convenient grab handle, and enjoy a wonderful day out on the lake with your beloved pet. 
  • Micro DFD (Doggy Flotation Device) at EzyDog, we believe that dogs of all sizes should have the opportunity to splash about, which is why we offer the Micro Doggy Flotation Device as well, a dog flotation vest designed specifically for smaller-breed dogs. This ultra-light and ultra-buoyant dog life vest is the perfect fit for smaller and will let your puppy swim with no restrictions.
  • DFD X2 Boost – Our new and improved version with a streamline design, telescopic neck adjustment and light attachment point. 

Use a Dog Flotation Device for Water Safety and Security 

Even if your dog is a seasoned swimmer who loves to splash around in the lake, a dog flotation device is a simple tool you can use to ensure he or she stays safe in the water. Both of the dog life jackets available at EzyDog will keep your pup safe for hours of swimming fun.

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