Element Jacket

Element Jacket

AUD$50.95 AUD$40.76
Thermax Winter Vest

Thermax Winter Vest

AUD$89.95 AUD$71.96
Double Up Collar - CANDY

Double Up Collar - Sugarfree Sale

AUD$22.95 AUD$13.77
Zero Shock 25 - CANDY

Zero Shock Leash - Sugarfree Sale

AUD$42.95 AUD$25.77
Vario 4 Multi Function Leash - Candy

Vario 4 Leash - Sugarfree Sale

AUD$30.95 AUD$18.57
Vario 6 Multi Function Leash - Candy

Vario 6 Leash - Sugarfree Sale

AUD$47.95 AUD$28.78
Micro DFD - Green Camo

DFD Micro (3XS Only)

AUD$40.95 AUD$24.55
Pink Camo

Neo Wide (Selected Colours)

AUD$34.95 AUD$19.75
Summit Backpack (Old Design)

Summit Backpack (Old Design)

AUD$69.95 AUD$41.97

XS Element Jacket (Old Design)

AUD$44.95 AUD$26.95
Cable Knit

XXS Element Jacket (Old Design)

AUD$39.95 AUD$23.95

Neo Classic (2XS)

AUD$22.95 AUD$13.95


AUD$24.95 AUD$14.95

Soft Trainer LITE (Old Design)

AUD$19.95 AUD$11.95
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Discount Prices on EzyDog Sale Items

Pick up a bargain today! Up to 40% off all our discontinued EzyDog products. This is the best section in the EzyDog store to pick up a great bargain.

All the sale products are still brand new and of the highest quality, just at cheaper prices. Slashed prices on Dog Collars, Leashes, Harness and more. We need to push the old stuff through so we can get through to the new products!        

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