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Dog Car Seat Belts from EzyDog Australia.


EzyDog Australia has a dog seat belt for every dog, car and journey. Our range of pet seat belts range from seat belt clips to crash tested seat belt harnesses. Dog Safety is the number one goal with all our seatbelts, so you can be confident that your dog is kept safe as can be on your next road trip.    

A Pet Seat Belt for Every Type of Pet.

Every pet seat belt from EzyDog has been made using the same type of webbing that is used in car seat belts. Meaning that all our pet seatbelts will subtly match the interior of your car and not look unsightly in the backseat. It is very important to know the difference between the types of seat belt, so you can make the best decision for your pet decision. Some are designed to minimise drive distraction, whereas others are car safety harnesses that undergo crash testing.  

Available Dog Seat Belts in Australia:

  • Click Dog Seat Belt - Adjustable seat belt for dogs. One end is attached to the dog's harness and the other clicks into existing seat belt of the car. Used to eliminate driver distraction.  
  • Seat Belt Restraint - A smaller style of dog seat belt without adjustment. The existing car seat feeds through and clips on to the dog's harness. Used to eliminate driver distraction.
  • Drive Car Restraint - An adjustable heavy-duty dog seat belt made from 38mm seatbelt webbing and lockable carabiner. Used to eliminate driver distraction
  • Drive Car Harness - A crash tested car harness with handles at the back for your car's seat belt to thread through before clicking into the seat belt clasp in your car. Tested for travel safety*
  • Chest Plate Harness + Free Seat Belt Restraint - Each Chest Plate Harness comes supplied with a free Seat Belt restraint.    

Dog Seat Belt Features:

  • STRONG – All seat belts are made from the same webbing that is used in standard car seat belts.
  • ADJUSTABLE – Most of the seat belts are adjustable in length to give your dog the desired amount of room.  
  • EASY TO CLEAN All our seat belts can be kept in hygienic condition by wiping clean
  • USED WITH ALL HARNESSES – All EzyDog seat belts can be used with your dog's existing harness 

*Please Read Before Purchase: 

At EzyDog we make every effort to manufacture the best products to protect your pet, however there are no official standards or test requirements for Car Canine Safety products.

We have chosen to base the designs of our Car Harnesses such that they conform to a combination of global child safety and vehicle interior standards. We then test our product and obtain conformance using these standards as a guide.

The final decision on the purchase and use of our Car Harnesses for the protection of your pet is up to your own judgement and EzyDog will not accept liability for any injuries or damage associated with the use of our product.

The dog seat belts above (Click, Seat Belt Restraint and Drive Restraint) are designed to be used with a dog harness to prevent driver distraction and restrain the dog to one position whilst in the vehicle. In the event of car accident it may not prevent injury to the passengers or your dog. Inspect attachment for wear or abrasion.

Do not use any of the dog seat belts if damaged. 

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