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Summit Backpack

5 Stars 2 product reviews

Dog Backpack From EzyDog 

The Summit Backpack combines advanced manufacturing techniques and the highest performance materials available. This Backpack for Dogs has been designed and extensively tested to give your dog the most ergonomic and comfortable fit possible. It is built for comfort, function and fun while incorporating the Award-Winning Chest Plate Harness design to ensure control. This updated version includes our custom side labels and a D-Ring on the front to train your dog whilst walking  

Best Dog Pack for All Walks 

Built with a breathable material to increase air flow and stop overheating, this backpack has been built for all Australian weather conditions. Waterproof zippers are used throughout and every backpack is fitted with a reflective trim for night time walking. You can even customise your hiking buddy with our choice of velcro side labels. The inclusion of a leash attachment point on the front of the backpack gives you extra control over your dog by making turning their body away from something easier to do. When your dog pulls towards something, the front leash attachment point causes them to pivot around their chest toward you.

Personalise Your Dog Backpack with a Custom Side Label

Get your own Personalised Dog Backpack by adding a set of Customisable Side Labels. Just type in your chosen text, whether it’s your Dog's Name, a Nickname, Phone Number or a Personal Message and we'll print it on to 2 velcro side labels that you can attach to either side of your EzyDog Product.    

Please note:

  • Badges are sold in sets of 2
  • Badges securely fit to product with Velcro. One Badge attaches to each side.
  • Both labels will be printed with the same text. It is not possible to print two separate designs in the one set. However, it is possible to purchase another set of side labels separately here
  • Customised products are not able to be returned.
  • EzyDog have the right to refuse any text choices that we deem to be offensive or inappropriate     

Backpacks For Small and Large Dogs

The use of Stainless Steel D-Rings provides a secure leash attachment point. The heavy duty Ripstop material means that these packs are durable and built to last. Perfect for both small and large dogs. There is even an additional girth strap for extra security for larger dogs or when your dog is making a descent.    


  • Incorporated dog backpack harness for maximum comfort and control
  • Wide flip top opening paniers
  • Breathable material for increased air flow
  • Built-in paddled handle for quick control or to provide assistance when going over obstacles
  • Rust-proof stainless-steel D-ring for leash attachment in back and front of pack
  • Add a Small Custom Side Badge. 1 set includes 2 Velcro side labels to each side of the pack.
  • Ripstop material with waterproof zippers
  • Reflective trim for extra visibility and night time safety
  • Additional girth strap for larger dogs and extra security when making descents.



Size & Fitting Instructions

PLEASE NOTE: Even though the Summit Backpack uses the Chest Plate, your dog may not be the same size in a Summit Backpack and Chest Plate Harness. Please ensure you have accurately measured your dog in relation to the size chart below

For best fit measure the girth and neck of the dog. If the measurement is close to the end of the size range, go up to the larger size.

Size Weight Neck Girth
S 16-32kg 30-60cm 60-95cm
M 30-45kgs 40-70cm 70-110cm
L 43kg+ 50-80cm 80-125cm

Fitting Instructions

1. Loosen all straps

2. Slip neck area over dog's head

3. Position backpack with handle near dog's spine and Chest Plate between your dog's legs

4. Clip into place with the two side clips

5. Adjust to fit your dog

6. Rear strap is optional, include for larger dogs



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Product Reviews


23rd Jul 2019
Does the job

"The backpack works well and is lightweight and compact. It feels like the materials might not last quite as long as some of the other adventure brands I've tried. The sizing chart doesn't really work for this product. My dog was well within all the small sizing ranges but she only just fits the small. I think it needs to have guidance on chest depth. The panniers could be a little bigger too.
But overall it does what it needs to and it's great to have the two different lead attachment points. "


14th May 2019
a positive side effect!

"I got the summit backpack at the start of April and used it multiple times since then. It's sturdy, but lightweight, and appears to be very comfy for my dog.

The backpack had a surprising, but a very positive side effect when my dog wore it to a local cafe. Is doubles up as an anti-anxiety coat!

I discovered it helped reduce his anxiety when visiting busy places with a bit of hustle and bustle. I didn't quite believe it was the backpack that made the difference so I tested it again and again in a few different scenarios and the difference when he was not wearing the backpack compared to when he was, was noticeable.

The other thing I love about this pack is the front and back leash clip. Which brings me to another surprising find, when I clip the leash to the back clip he does not pull. I'm not sure why he doesn't like to pull on the back clip (usually with a harness he pulls the most on the back clip) But he just doesn't want to pull, so I will enjoy it while it lasts and then there is always the front clip which is the non-pull one officially.

I am happy to say I had a very good experience with ezydog's summit pack.


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