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  • Vest is worn under the dog harness
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Thermax Winter Vest

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Introducing a New Style of Dog Coat, that Fits Underneath your Dog's Collar or Harness

The Thermax Vest is the first ever 'skin' style of dog coat that generates warmth via the insulation of a dog's natural body heat. This new style of dog jacket offers your dog unhindered movement, whilst offering you the convenience of tethering of your leash to your dog, without needing to adjust your dog's jacket. Perfect for active dogs and owners, the streamline fit of the Thermax Vest's ensures that your dog can enjoy their daily walk with no limitations, whatever the weather.


Best Waterproof Dog Coats in Australia

The Thermax's durable YKK zip, thermoseal taped seams and water resistant coating guarantees that this dog jacket will hold up against the elements. Don't let the rain get in the way of your next adventure with your dog. 


All Weather Dog Coat 

The underbody of the Thermax Vest is lined with a lattice polar fleece, generating a great deal of warmth for those cold winter dog walks. With it's lightweight design and waterproof coating, this dog coat is also effective in Spring and Autumn. The snug fit stops any wind or rain from passing up and under the garment like it would with a standard dog jacket.


A Convenient Dog Coat for Large, Medium and Small Breeds         

With its 4 way stretch technology and single zip, the Thermax Vest has been designed for convenience and comfort. Simply feed your dog's front legs through the openings, wrap vest around your dog's girth, zip up and clasp around the neck. The flexible microfibre shell stretches to fit all dog types. Whether you are looking for a dog coat for a Vizsla, Dalmation, Border Collie, Boston Terrier or any other breed, there will be a Thermax Vest to fit.


Built for Active Dogs and Owners

The Thermax Vest contours perfectly to the shape of the dog's torso, making it the perfect dog coat for running, trekking or any other type of demanding dog walk. Don't let your old style of dog coat get in the way of your outdoor adventures with your pup. The Thermax Vest lets the adventures continue, whatever the weather. 



  • Harness or Collar fits over the top of vest
  • 50 denier microfibre 4 way stretch shell for warmth and unhindered movement
  • Streamline ergonomic fit
  • Able to fit a wide range of dog breeds
  • Cationic lattice polar fleece underbody
  • Transparent waterproof coating
  • YKK spray proof zip
  • Thermoseal taped seams




Size & Fitting Instructions

For best fit measure the length of the dog. This is the area from the dogs neck to the base of his/her tail.

The correct size for your dog will be approx, 3/4 of your dog's length. This may vary depending on your dog's build.

Ensure the neck and girth of the vest are snug, but not too tight.

The Vest does not need to cover your dog's entire back length to be effective

XS 11.8" 30cm
S 13.7" 35cm
M 15.7" 40cm
L 18.5" 47cm
XL 20.4" 52cm
2XL 22.8 58cm

Fitting Instructions

1. 1. Place dog's front legs through designated holes at the front of the vest

2. 2. Wrap vest around girth of dog and button zip keeper clasp together at the neck area

3. 3. Join zip at base, releasing zip keeper clasp as the zip approaches the opposing end

4. Reconnect zip keeper clasp


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Product Reviews


4th Jun 2019
Brilliant product

"Brilliant design, just a little hard to start the zip off due to it being a little small to cope with the figure hugging design."

"Mandi & Scribbles"

23rd May 2019
Bought For Assistance Dog

"I bought this vest for my Assistance Dog who really feels the cold, and have found it fantastic. When we are working and outside he will wear another coat over it, and once in a building, he often still finds being without a coat to cold, but having a coat to warm. So this has been fantastic for us. I just remove his outdoor coat and he has the perfect in-between and the brilliant thing for him, is he has little for on his underside due to his breed (Jack Russell x Basenji) and the vest has a snuggly fleecey type material on the underside which is super comfortable and doesn't irritate him (he is prone to having reactions to certain materials). During the day/night if it's not quite coat weather but he still is a bit cold, the vest is perfect to put on. When it's super cold and you've only got a standard coat, it's perfect for underneath as it adds to the warmth of the dog, and keeps their chest and belly warm where dogs can lose a lot of body heat. All up, this has been a fantastic addition to our assistance dog gear, and I fully support this vest and hope it is in all stores Australia wide as there is nothing like this out there, and it will benefit both working dogs and pet dogs."

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