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Track n Train Leash

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Train your Dog with this Extra Long Leash! 

The Track n Train Leash is an extra long 5 metre training aid. Teach your dog to stay near you on walking. Great for general training, recall training and tracking 

Rubber LokGrip™ Webbing

This Leash is made from our ultra-grippy Rubber Lokgrip™ Webbing, meaning that you can quickly and comfortably grab hold of any section of the leash or stand on it with your foot. 

Traffic Control

This extra handle is positioned near your dog’s collar giving you quick and secure control of your dog when required

Anti-Snag Handle

The tail of the leash is not looped to prevent snagging during training or cross country walks

Carbon Coated Snap Clip

All the hardware used on the leash is coated so is completely corrosion resistant and will not rust



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Product Reviews

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"Chris Clarke"

16th May 2019
love this training tool

"Soft grip was very easy to use. I like not having a loop on the end when tracking and training.
My order arrived at a rural site less than 24hrs after being placed - fantastic service!"


4th Apr 2019
great training tool

"Great longer lead for training or bush tracks. It has a rubberized feel which is fantastic and makes the lead unable to slip from grasp! Love using this for walks when I can give a little extra range to explore"


1st Feb 2019
Comfortable to use

"Great lead for Track and Search or Noseworks with dogs who are strong. The rubber allows for a good grip whilst still being light and flexible.
Excellent value for the price.
Extremely fast delivery too.


23rd Nov 2018
Great leash but...

"I absolutely love this leash but it could really do with a handle at the end, for more security."

"Allana Whitehead"

25th Sep 2018
Lightweight and strong

"Fantastic lead right here. It's super light so my puppy doesn't get/feel weighed down as it drags behind her. The rubber stitched into the lead makes it super grippy. I love love love this lead and so does my puppy who can go 'wandering' on walks! "


22nd Sep 2018
Very versatile leash.....BUT

"It's very strong, light, flexible and non-slip. I like it and find it useful, BUT like some others, I would love a loop, or clip or similar on the other end. I'm planning to ask a saddler to sew a round ring on it, down from the leather 'handle'. I can then use a carabiner or short lead etc. to attach it to the crate or a chair or similar."


13th Apr 2018

"Strong and durable product, has weathered the protest chewing well. This leash takes the stress out of taking our dog out "off leash" because I can just quickly put my foot on the end of '5 metres of freedom" instead of ending up in a game of chase when it seems like he may go too far. It is also useful to teach him the concept of coming back to me."


26th Mar 2018
outstanding product

"second product purchased in this range, both extremely good products, very happy with my purchase and enjoy taking our dog for a walk with this track and train lead. highly recommend this range as it a quality well made range. looking forward to purchasing more from this range."


8th May 2017
5 stars for 5 metres

"5 metre leash awesome !! best investment we have ever bought our dog. He is a Kelpie X Terrier and loves to run and play and with this leash he gets to do just that, have a good run around. Perfect for large open parks and beaches highly recommend this product."

"Paws & Claws Dog Walking Coffs Harbour"

27th May 2016
Best purchase ever!!!!

"Wow!!!! The 10metre lead is absolutely perfect for the dogs I walk who are not likely to return if I was to let them off for a run. Two dogs in particular are very large and they are able to run in the water and are far enough away that they think they are on the loose. Best investment ever. I love that I can basically reel them back in when I want to return them to their normal lead."

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