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EzyDog Adventure Lights

4 Stars 7 product reviews

When Only The Best Dog Light Will Do 

The EzyDog Adventure lights are high visibility, waterproof pet beacons built for outdoor use. With a long battery life and fully tested to military standards, it will never let you down.


High Visibility

These Dog safety lights are visible up to a distance of 5km. However far away your dog is, they are still safe at night.

Strong and Durable for your Dog's Safety 

These high quality dog lights can withstand loads of 100 kilograms. They are completely waterproof and have over 100 hours of battery time. We are so confident of their strength and quality that they come with a 3 year extended warranty

Easy to Use 

The lights come with a velcro strap to attach to any existing dog lead, harness or collar. Turning the light on and off is easy - simply rotate the top to turn on and off


  • Waterproof to 100m
  • Super Strong - Can withstand a load of 100kg
  • Visible up to 5km
  • 100hrs battery life when steady on, 250 hours when flashing
  • Available in red, orange, green, blue and white 



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Product Reviews


19th Jun 2018
Super lights

"These lights receive so many comments when I walk my Frenchy and Staffy. Everyone comments how great they are because they can see them from a distance especially bike riders. Everyone wants to know where I got them from!!! One word Ezydog. Best investment for walking at night. Long lasting and bright."


29th May 2018
Most reliable dog light

"Have tried various lights and these are the best. They survive playful dogs. Very waterproof. Still working after 12 months of being fully submerged when my dogs go for a swim during their daily walk."


20th Mar 2018
Effective and easy to use

"This light is so much easier to switch on and off than the previous light that I was using, and the velcro strap for attachment to collar makes it super quick and easy to get on and off. The light itself is strong and can be seen from quite a distance."


7th Jun 2017
Loosing the lights

"The light gets off the basis from time to time (I lost 2 lights this way - the base stayed on the dog's harness, the light itself detached itself while my dog was running around vigorously, but without any rough-and-tumble). Otherwise an excellent product."


2nd Jun 2016
On-off click

"I am blind and bought the EzyDog Adventure Light for my guide dog so that people who supervise him can see him when he is running around off-leash in the early morning when it is still dark. I find it hard to tell if the light is on or off. This is not a problem at the park because other people supervise him. But I thought that there would be a "click" to let me know when the light is on or off when I store away his play collar with the light. It's very easy to accidently switch it on and use-up the battery. A click and "locked" off-position would allow me to ensure the light is off when not in use. I am disappointed because I chose the EzyDog brand product instead of a cheaper similar product because I thought it would be of a better quality. "


1st May 2016
great product

"I have a blue heeler and he is just about invisible come dusk. These lights are fantastic, I can see him flashing in the bushes (pun intended) and it means that if I'm late home from work and have to take him for a walk in the dark, it is not as stressful because I can always locate him when he is off lead. "

"Mick C"

11th Apr 2015
Four & Half stars

"Excellent product. Just a bit worried that the vecro fastners will come apart when my two dogs engage in a bit of rough house play... so far so good. A much needed good quality addition to accessories for dogs. Thank you."

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